Oregonians deserve better. I can't stand by and watch our schools struggle, our freeways gridlocked and state government wasting your taxes. Career politicians and capitol insiders are failing Oregon families. We should no longer tolerate the incumbent establishment but instead fight for Oregon's future. I'm running for the State Legislature because I know we can make our great state even better by restoring common sense to the State Capitol. We need a balanced approach to policymaking that boosts small business job growth, strengthens schools and reduces wasted tax dollars — all while supporting the environment, family values and our freedoms. Our campaign is about responsible and thoughtful citizens coming together and uniting for a brighter future. Thank you for your support and goodwill along the campaign trail. I hope we get the chance to meet in person — and always feel free to contact me by letter, email, phone and on social media. I hope to earn your trust as we get Oregon back on track for the next generation.

-Michael Calcagno